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Why Hire a Doula 

" birth is such a pure, eternal thing, always happening somewhere, always Holy"

Ina May Gaskin "Spiritual Midwifery"

A Doula  will discuss with you both your birth and post-natal expectations. She will ask pertinent questions in a non-confrontational manner and receive comprehensive answers regarding symptoms, procedings and protocols with various service providers. You might want her to be your companion and encouragement; or you might want her to become your brains or advocate during or after birth. Whatever your needs, she will aim to provide you with a safe, comfortable bubble wherein you will feel free to do your thing without distractions.

Post natally you might not need  a cleaner and  you might not need a nanny. You will need someone to provide you with the time and the space to bond with your baby and indeed each of your children without feeling guilty about the ones left out. You might just need "me" time without having to worry about missing something. Your Doula is your new parents' facilitator, giving you the opportunity to evolve in a stress-free and relaxed atmosphere,  taking care of any loose ends or pointing you in the direction of specialist help (should you need it) on issues like breastfeeding, counselling, entertaining baby or relaxing mummy/daddy.  Above all she will listen to you  and your needs without judging or advising you.

" unspoken... thought could so powefully alter a woman's body ability to perform(...). A verbal solution to such a situation could remove any need for medication, mechanical intervention, or surgery." Ina May's Guide To Childbirth.

"Contractions don't have to hurt. They are energy rushes that enable you to open up so the baby can come out (...) It is a miracle to be able to create more life force"  Spiritual Midwifery


For more information please refer to  My Baby Radio Podcats - What Doulas Do

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